Animations fail to load for some players

What is the issue?
For some players in my game, animations will sometimes fail to load, making the game somewhat unplayable. This issue has never happened to me personally.

Console Log

(Reload animation fails to load, but idle animations load fine. They can’t reload.)

(Idle animation fails to load.)

Because the animations fail to load, some players are unable to reload, or will maintain the t-pose posture.

I assume this problem might be occurring due to connectivity problems.

The animations are uploaded to the group and the game is also under the group. This only happens to a handful of players.

What have I tried?
I haven’t tried doing LoadAnimation again because I assume that if an animation fails to load, the result gets cached, so loading it again will just cause the same issue. I don’t even know if this will solve the issue because I can’t find a way to replicate this bug.

I don’t know of a way to detect if an animation fails to load.

How could I fix or circumvent this problem?


The only thing I can think of is some sort of server issue that prevents the animations from loading in. Just be patient and if it doesn’t go away then it’s something else (probably something too big for my brain).

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