Animations for multiple games

hello everyone, today i was animating a dog system (a k9) and i realised that if i would want to use this animation in diffrent games it wouldn’t work because the animations only work if the animation is published by the game owner. Is there a script that create that applies an animation even if the owner of the animation isnt the game owner or a way around this?

Uploading to a group. If you’re the owner and wish to share the animation, you should be able to save keyframes, open them in animation editor elsewhere, and upload again.

so then i am able to use it in every game even if the game isn’t owned by the group?

Yes, the animation can and may only be used if it is owned by an individual that created the game or the group that owns it. If a game is published by another group or another developer, you’ll have to you/they’ll have to reupload the animation (with your permission of course).