Animations glitch when non local characters play them

Hello. I’ve faced an issue with playing animations. In this case, the server loads and plays the animations. When my local character plays them, they’re normal:

However, when another character plays them, I see this:

The animations are broken for some reason, this happens to all players when they see other players play animations, but the animations are normal for each player when they see their own character play them.
I’ve already tried to load animations by both humanoid and animator, tried to play the animations from the local script, but the issue is still the same. The animation priority is action for every animation. If you have any ideas how to fix this, please let me know.

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Animations are local to each player so anything that causes lag from the other player > server > your player affects how you see their animations.
Did you script it according to this? Using Animations in Games

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I did load animations via animators located in the humanoids of characters. The animations are loaded and played on server, but the same issue appears if I play them on client. The weird part is that only these animations are glitching, while the others are normal for each player

is the animation easing style cubic?

Or is the “Uppercut” a tool? because that can also be a big problem with R6 animations.

Edit: Nvm this tool is not the problem.

Are you loading the animation every time the animation plays, or are you loading it in at the beginning of the script so it’s already loaded every time the animation plays?
It may not lag for you, but it may lag for other players.

Maybe show us your script and its location in the Explorer window.

Yeah, I load it and play again every time the event is fired. The thing I noticed is this didn’t happen before the new Roblox animation update
EDIT: I tried to load everything at once on the client before anything happens and play the animations on the client, but the same issue again. I think that’s something on the Roblox side, and only moderators can help me with this

The easing style is linear every frame, the uppercut is not a tool, it’s just a gui

As I’ve heard (and it seems to make sense) you don’t want to load the animation every time you play it, just at the beginning of the script. Otherwise you are causing going to cause miniscule lag each time.
Not that it fixes your problem, just a comment.

The weird part is that it works in a certain game, but in another game it glitches, no idea why. I’ve tried everything, removing hitboxes, loading on client/server. Only the punching animations are glitching in the game, but others don’t. If I move these animations to the game where everything is okay, it will still be okay, while anything in the game where it glitches is glitching no matter what

Is there any lag difference between the 2 places your are testing?
Is there some other script or free model in the glitchy game that may be affecting your animation(s)?

No,no. I have no idea why the animations are lagging in this game, I just simply load them and play on the server, still the same issue. I have an old game, the animations there were perfectly fine, but if I test it now, they’re glitching to other players too, probably because of the Roblox animation update. What if I use Action2 or Action4, is there any difference between action animation priorities?

I actually tried and found the cause of the issue. In my game you have to press C to be able to fight. When you press it, the animation id of the idle in Roblox “Animate” script is changed. That causes the issue, idk why, but that’s it

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I found a solution to this. Seems like Roblox did some major changes to the animations, but now we have to set different action animation priorities, otherwise the animations will overwrite each other, that’s why it looks so glitchy. If you’re making a fighting game like me, consider making idle, running animations as Action, make punching animations Action2, and make animations when you get hit as Action3.

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