Animations just stopped working

So as of recently some animations I’ve made an npc play just stopped working. They were working just fine yesterday, so I have no idea what happened. Here’s the lines of code that should be playing the animations:

local AnimFolder = Figna.Animations
local Idle = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(AnimFolder.Idle)
local Attention = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(AnimFolder.Attention)
local IdleTalking = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(AnimFolder.IdleTalking)
local Wave = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(AnimFolder.Wave)


The script also prints everything it should be, but just won’t play the animations.

Also, that’s not the full script. Only the lines actually playing the animation. Although the rest of the script shouldn’t be effecting it I don’t think.

Are you the owner of those animations?
If not, for player safety reasons, ROBLOX doesn’t allow you to play other’s animations in your games, you can only play animations that you have made or animations that ROBLOX have made.

What value are the AnimationPriority’s for the animations set to?
They should be set to action, to override movement + idle or else it won’t be able to override the idle animation and it won’t appear as playing for you.
See more here: AnimationPriority | Roblox Creator Documentation

I’m the owner of the first Idle animation, although the wave animation is just the r6 wave animation and the IdleTalking animation is the default r6 idle animation.

The AnimationPriority’s for my animation should be core, though I’ll try setting it to action. For Roblox’s wave and idle I have no idea.

Well It seems at some point in time I’d accidentally anchored the entire rig. Sorry for the inconvenience, it was my mistake!

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No problem, alls good! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: