Animations looks weird

  1. What do you want to achieve? Normal looking animations

  2. What is the issue? As the title says, the animations look weird lmao

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Headstackk’s tool animation tutorial (was really similar to my animation system for tools but the result was the same :sob:

My in-game animations look wholla lot different than intended

		local rightArm = char:FindFirstChild("Right Arm")
		local M6D ="Motor6D")
		M6D.Parent = rightArm
		M6D.Part0 = rightArm
		M6D.Name = "Handle"
			if child:IsA("Tool") and child:FindFirstChild("Handle") then
				M6D.Part1 = child.Handle
		requestPlayers:Fire(plrTable) --ignore

what it look like (very bad)

how it supposed to go (nice)

Please help me fgs :sob:
(btw I used the default animation editor plugin, I know it’s one hell of a horrid creation, but I’m way too used to it :woozy_face:)

They look fine to me? What’s the issue?

the mag flies through the arm and the glock, look closely
(and the bolt has a little elastic feeling to it instead of just a linear backward → forward animation)

forgot to mention how the glock literally flies out of the arm and back when the character gets the mag from the gun

Ahh, maybe its the scaling of the gun or the character? I dont know alot about animations.

Uh maybe some weld constraints can help?

what is a character’s scale? never heard of it

The size of the playe’rs avatar, maybe im super tall or very short

R6 always stays the same size though

the gun is motor’ed onto the right arm

and all of the parts are connected

Hmm idk how i could help, maybe you could add some limit that the mag cant get through?

is there a way to do that though?

Oh i just looked closely now and the gun seems to be a little bit offsetted, the mag stays behind the gun and not inside it, maybe you could give the magazine a little offset to match the gun in the animation

nope, it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be

Then you could just try to offset everything in the animation until you get it right

I really cant think of anything about it, i never got to animating. All you can do is wait for someone that actually knows about animation and have them figure it out, i’ll hop off.

that seems like a lot of work, is there a currently known issue with the animation editor?

alright, thanks for trying to help

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okay I’ve experimented a bit with the keyframes and turns out these rotten, spoiled little cubic keyframes are the ones at fault

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