Animations not aligning with different packages

I’m using fe gun kit to make a few guns for my game, but I noticed that the animations don’t line up when you use different character models/packages (I’m not sure what they’re called anymore)

Screenshot (538)

looks great with the roblox 2.0 and 1.0 models

looks terrible with the roblox boy model

Is there any way to fix this or should i just ignore it? First time making guns so I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing haha, any help appreciated

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Try to make it look nice with all packages, there is nothing wrong with the animation, just that if you focus on only one package when animating then it can look weird on other packages, try not to focus on the packages that people never use or cost a ton of robux. Just get a few of the free / cheap ones and test them all out and edit the animation until it looks right.


Edit it to look good on every package

Worse way

Make a animation for every package (don’t do this)

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I’ll try remaking the animation, thanks for the suggestion

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If you want to make it look good you will need to use CFrame animationing + you will have to redo it for every character.

if it not too complicated of an answer, what’s cframe animating? And how would it know which animation to play?

Most likely using limb cframes to move them

CFrames are used to control the position and rotation of different components in a model. Usually when cframing the player character it would have in self Joints which are used to be manipulated to your liking.

For example if you have heard for a script that rotates the head to the opposite of the camera position, that would be cframing the join between the upper torso and the head.

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ah okay, I think I understand. I’ll try that, thanks

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