Animations not loading until you get very close to the player

So I have a gun engine that uses a rig and plays animations on the rig. About a week ago it was working fine and all the animations loaded perfectly no matter how close/far away you were from the other player that had the gun out. Now the animations no longer load until your very close to the player. Maybe there was a Roblox update about animations or something? I appreciate any help.

Here’s a gif of it.

Thanks in advance!

Additionally, whenever I test it in studio with 2 players, it works fine and plays no matter how far away you were from the player with the gun out. It seems to break in-game.

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Looks like maybe the collision of you touching that dummy is playing the animation more than it just loading in late. Would you be able to show us your script?

Here’s the module script that loads the animation onto the rig and plays it

and here’s the server script that tells the module to play the equip and idle on gun equip.

The idle/equip should be only playing once.

The idle time is only 0.5 seconds.
I set up a print in the module script when the idle animation is called and the timing lines up correctly so I don’t know what’s up with it.

Bumping this up because its very important I find a solution for this!

Fixed it! I just had to reset a Motor6D for the animation to start playing so I suspect it’s just a M6D problem.

I’m having this exact issue. Are you able to elaborate how you fixed it?

I found a new solution as the old one wasn’t working as well. What I did was when a player’s character was added I cloned some Motor6Ds from the legs/arms and then I used the original ones as the motors for the rig. After the player wound unequip the gun it would place the motors back in their correct place so you can reuse them.

Are you able to provide a sample on how this would work?

I’m having this problem atm, would you mind providing an example as to how you fixed it?

Can you elaborate a little more? I’m also having this exact issue

I basically used a pre-existing motor6d such as the character’s motor6ds instead of creating new ones via script.