Animations not playing & require a force update

We recently noticed an issue appear in our game where animations for player mounts were not playing. We noticed that they would play if we welded a brick to the character from other clients.

(the blue outline when hovering over a character is the part - it forces them to update)

We try and temporarily fix this by welding a part to characters every 1s. This fix works - however it triggers a client crash sometimes.

“StepAnimatedJoints” will take upwards of 40ms for no reason, causing major performance drops, along with a replication step.

Our game is going to have broken animations until we can find a workaround for this.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


We noticed that this issue does not reproduce on mobile (iPhone 12). It appears to be exclusive to PC (didn’t test Mac).

Hopefully this helps. We really need this issue to be investigated.

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This issue is still present. It sucks having animations broken in our game with no way of fixing it.

It basically feels like we’re being told to stop using our avatars and revert to R15 since that’s what the animation system is chained to. What can we do to get help from Roblox to fix the animation system bugs so that next-gen avatars are supported?


Issue is still present.

Looks like lots of other developers are experiencing the same issue.

Given the animation system has been very buggy for over a year and these bugs are just stacking up - it does not feel like a smart move to rely on it for upcoming projects. Does anyone have recommended 3rd party animation systems before we go develop our own?


I’ve been taking a look at this issue and originally I was able to reproduce the problem regularly. Since then, we’ve made some changes to the joint replication and I believe it may have fixed the issue. Is anyone still having this issue?


Hello! This issue should be fixed now! Let us know if it still occurs. Thank you!

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