Animations not playing when on a different account

I’ve been having some issues with playing animations on a different account. I know that the person who published the game has to be the one to publish the animation for it to work, but the animations still dont show up.

Ive tried publishing it to a group and it didnt change anything. The animations seem to only play for the person who published the animation.

It’s been more than 2 days since i published the animation, so I dont think moderation is the issue.

Can Someone help me out here

Are you sure you tested the animations in game and in studio? Just to be sure, they may work in game but not in studio.

Make sure if you are playing the animation on character, that the animation priority is set to Action, not Movement or Idle, the default animations are playing at those priorities.

Sometimes you need to reupload animations again, into a different asset, so they work. I remember once working in a situation when an animation was showing up on server but was not loading to player’s screen.

thanks for that, for some reason it never crossed my mind to check if it would work in game.

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