Animations not working when replicated into another game

Hello everyone.
Very recently I have been helping a group with scripting and animations, but for some reason I am having trouble trying to get the animations to work in the game. Whenever I click, it’s supposed to run an animation for the drink, like such:

It works perfectly fine in the owner’s testing server, and then after the same exact machines and scripts were copied over I tried in the group place:

The tools are the exact same, but the animation does not run. I even copied the animations 100% into the group and yet it still wouldn’t run.


local Tool = script.Parent
local numbites = 0
local cooldown = false
local function onActivate()
	if cooldown == false then
		cooldown = true
	local humanoid = script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid
	local animation=humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.BiteAnimation) --This priority is set to action
	numbites = numbites + 1
	if numbites == 1 then
		script.Parent.Bite1.Transparency = 1
	elseif numbites == 2 then
		script.Parent.Bite12.Transparency = 1
	elseif numbites == 3 then
		script.Parent.Bite2.Transparency = 1
	elseif numbites == 4 then
		script.Parent.Bite22.Transparency = 1
	elseif numbites == 5 then
		script.Parent.Bite3.Transparency = 1
	elseif numbites == 6 then
		cooldown = false
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This is not your fault,i have the same problem.ROBLOX does this all the time like how roblox doesn’t want players sending animations.
You can try by deleting that script and jsut written it over again and testing it
Tell me if you need more information it :slight_smile:

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