Animations override desiredangle

So I’m using DesiredAngle in my motor6ds to rotate the arms of the character in a fps game. the video shows the arm rotated.

however, the problem im encountering (as seen in the video) is that the desiredangle tilt is being overriden by the walk and run animations. is there any way to prevent this?

if the only solution here is to copy the currentangle every frame and set the c1 to it then i guess i can, but im not excited to.

Try changing the walk animation’s AnimationPriority

you need Workspace.Retargeting to be disabled for motor6d changes to work. Also, I think animations take priority over desired angle, so people often set the c1.

before i mark this as the solution, one more question:
so the only solution is to set a heartbeat loop to constantly set the c1 to the currentangle?