Animations played on a server created rig, by the server, only replicating to local client

I’m having an issue where animations won’t play on the server even though they were called by a server script and only replicating to the local client. So far I’ve tried having the external rig outside of the character, using AnimationControllers and nothing seems to work. Is there any way that I could fix this issue?


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Can you confirm if the rigs animation is also playing from a different player?

If the issue persist, try swapping to server-side animation playback.

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Note, the rig is made by server and the animation is also played by the server as well


Try your luck in the following posts:

Perhaps the solution?

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I’ll take a look into these and get back to you if any of them work, thanks for the help

Update on this, none of them seem to help with my issue. Most of these are talking about animating the rig on the client, however I’m animating it on the server

In addition to this, animations for the character played by server are replicating perfectly fine to all clients.

Something I’ve found helpful for debugging weird animation replication is to enable in Studio: File > Settings > Network > Show Active Animation Asset

This will show all the animations playing for each client for every Animator object, along with diagnostic data (animation weight etc).

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Using this I’ve found that the animation is identified as playing by the server, but isn’t actually playing

Finally figured out the answer to this issue, apparently I had massless on the rig parts set to true.