Animations & Rigs, Roblox Studio or Blender? (Which should I use.)

Hello, recently I’ve wanted to experiment with Blender to see how much potential Roblox Studio has in handling models and rigs for animation, as I want to start a project. My issue is that I’m a beginner when it comes to animating and importing models and animations into Roblox, so I have several questions that could be really helpful if you could answer them before I begin my project:

What would be the most versatile and effective way to animate in Roblox and then program it? (Roblox Studio or Blender)

I have more experience animating with a plugin called Moon Animator However, when I tried to import my Blender Rig into Roblox, I couldn’t find a way to use the plugin to animate using the rig I had already set up in Blender. I attempted to use Roblox’s animator, but I found it very uncomfortable.


Roblox built-in animator:

If there are methods to animate ‘Bones’ without using Roblox’s animator, perhaps with a plugin that makes it easier, I would greatly appreciate it. The purpose of this post is to discover alternatives and potential solutions.

What is better, creating a rig in Blender and then importing it into Roblox, or directly creating the rig in Roblox?

As I mentioned earlier, the plugin seems to only support ‘rigging’ done in Roblox (such as R6 and R15 rigs), not the ‘Bones’ used in Blender. In general, which of the two methods would be the easiest for animating and, once the animation is done, executing it in code if I plan to use a rig with more than 15 parts?

I ask this because I found it quite challenging to set up a rig in Blender and then import it into Roblox. I encountered issues with properly implementing the bones, as some of them didn’t import correctly, and it took me a long time to resolve them…

What is needed for a custom character to be usable by a player?

From my understanding, a character needs a ‘HumanoidRootPart’ and a ‘Humanoid’. If I am correct, theoretically, it should work, but when I tried it, my character got stuck.

External Media

If you could provide some tips on creating custom characters, I would really appreciate it. I am more willing to hear about the correct way to start from scratch instead of trying to fix what I have now.

These are my questions so far, and I would truly appreciate your help with information. If you could include documentation, I would be extremely grateful as it would guide me along with your explanations and answers. Thank you!

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I will address your questions that I have an answer to. Honestly, as a developer if you want to take your skills to the next level I HIGHLY recommend you use Blender to animate as it will give you more fluid and clean animations. You can also edit the keyframes much easier. Now for creating a rig I suggest you also use blender it allows you to just do things you can’t in studio for example weight painting.
For the custom character to be usable possibly you could have overlooked it being anchored as I see that as a main reason to why it could get stuck.


Thank you for the answer! For coding the animations, is importing them from Blender going to be more difficult to use in actual code or is it going to be the same process as if you made it in Roblox Studio?

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It should be the same process because once you import the animation it will be in the Roblox animator so you can just use it the same as a normal animation.

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