Animations Rigs

I need advice on an aniamation of mine. The R15 Rig only does the main body parts. But, I am trying to do where there is not only two arms that can be rigged.

P.S This is an JoJo game so I am basically trying to do something and Stand Upright.
Please message me if this is the wrong place to put this and I will remove it asap.

I suggest using tags to category is right guess

I think this is the right category, also, can you attach pictures of the issue?

I added the top and right arms by duplicating. But it don’t register apart of the rig.

Are there Motor6D’s? You need those in a rig for it to animate.


Thanks i’ll check it out. Ah it did work thanks alot.

Question. What do I Part0 and Part1 them to?

I think the part 0 should be the parent, and the part 1 should be what you want to connect it to. Like with welds.