Animations stuttering when played on a custom rig

So I imported an animation for a custom rig, and as you can see in the animation editor it plays smoothly

However, when played in-game the animation stutters slightly, kind of like it’s skipping keyframes. (Game has a smooth 60 fps the entire time)

I’m just using a very simple script to play this animation
Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 12.27.12

The stutter happens when the animation is played from the client or server. I simply don’t know what else to try because all I’m doing is playing back an animation through an animation controller.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this stutter occurs?

@Rae3504, Would it be possible for you to DM me this place file with the character and affected animation? I’d like to run this in a debug build and see exactly what’s going on which the animation twitches like this.

@Rae3504, I found the cause of this, and it is actually the same underlying problem as this bug report:

In your model, the artifacts are that much more noticeable because they are happening to 3 of the spine bones and the error accumulates along the bone chain, so you have 3 bones worth of error at the end of the chain (the head).

I will follow up with you when the fix for this is live. Thanks!