Animations wont play on turret, and turning a part moves entire model

I’ve made a functioning turret but the rig itself seems to have trouble trying to play animations or properly turning the right parts of the model when aiming at someone.

The entire model itself is pivoting towards the character, but the script I made only references the “Holder” part to turn towards the character:

if validateLOS(foundHrp.Parent, foundHrp.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid"), foundHrp) then
			Barrel.A1.WorldPosition = foundHrp.Position
			(this part): Turret.Holder.CFrame =, foundHrp.Position)
			General.RegisterEnvironmental(foundHrp.Parent, Turret, 1)
			local Ray = workspace:Raycast(checkPoint, (foundHrp.Position - checkPoint)*100, rayParams)
			Barrel.A1.WorldPosition = Ray.Position
			(this part):  Turret.Holder.CFrame =, Ray.Position)

The holder is the top part of the turret here:
The rig also clearly shows that nothing is connected to the platform on the bottom (the “Root” of the turret, where the PrimaryPart is set), yet moving the Holder moves the entire rig

I think I’m missing something basic or there’s properties that I am missing with the rig itself that I need to fix. The rig is built with a Humanoid, and every part inside of this turret (except for the root) is unanchored and uncollidable