AnimationTrack limit of 256 tracks for one Animator exceeded, new animations will not be played

At my Developer Stats, on the Error Reports tab, the following warning appears:
“AnimationTrack limit of 256 tracks for one Animator exceeded, new animations will not be played.”

As for myself, this issue doesn’t happen. However, it has been happening in my game for more than 5 million times, as shown.

To understand better where this was coming from, I joined multiple servers of my game and really saw that at the Server log, this error is appearing thousands of times.

I own an Outfit game, and each Mannequin has an animation that is played.
I also have an Emotes and Animations UI, that makes a player use them.
Since I own more than 600 Mannequins, pretty sure its due to the Mannequins.

This is the code I have in each Mannequin:

local set = script.Settings
local sp = set.Speed
local enabled = set.Enabled
local hum = script.Parent:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
if hum then
	print("No Humanoid")
local humanim = hum:LoadAnimation(script:FindFirstChildOfClass("Animation"))
humanim.Looped = true

local function updateAnim()
	if enabled.Value == true then

--On Init

--Playing Animation--

And this is the path:


Does somebody know how I could fix or have any idea?
Thank you!

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you’re trying to play 256 animations at ONCE. are you using only one animationtrack to handle every single mannequin?

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Do you mean if I have the Object “IdleAnimation” in each of the mannequins?
Or do you mean the animation Id?

Heyo everyone that might be seeing this post!
I have found my problem.
It was nothing related to the Mannequins, but instead with was related to a Loop I had inside of the leaderboard to play animation on the mannequin (top 1 player of the leaderboard).
Here is the past code and also the new code.
Thank you for the reply!
I will mark as solution