AnimationTrack RemoteEvents problem

Hi, I’m making an ability thing where the animation plays on the server and effects are on client.
I have ran into 1 problem. When im firing a RemoteEvent to clients with AnimationTrack as a second argument, it does not transfer there and becomes nil.
When I’m trying to detect animation through Animator:GetPlayingAnimationTracks(), the AnimationTrack’s name is just “Animation” and it’s Animation’s object parent is nil, though it’s AnimationId is still the same.
Is it possible to fix or would it be better to handle animations on client?

Server code
local Animation = Character.Humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(path to animation)
EffectsRemote:FireAllClients(Character, Animation)
Client code
EffectsRemote.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(Character, Animation)
  print(Animation) --nil

From what I tested, you can’t pass loaded animations in the server to the client, so you should probably load and play the animation on the client instead? I don’t think there should be any disadvantages to that unless you have to stop the animation at some point in the server

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Oh okay. Thanks for the answer!