AnimationTracks no longer have a name

Whenever I change the animation id of an animation inside of Animate it doesn’t update the animation automatically.

I tried using :GetPlayingAnimationTracks() on the Animator in order to get the name of the animations that are currently being played to only stop the ones that really need to be interrupted for a transition to happen.

However, when I print the playing tracks name it just says “Animation”… Not very descriptive and I am absolutely certain that they used to have a a name. Hence, there is no way to know which animation does what- there’s one which consists in comparing the ids but it gets messy and I shouldn’t have to rely on that.

Does anyone have big brain solution or trick. I also believe that it’s due to Roblox great updates, so if you ever have an old “Animate” script around that correctly displays the name of the animations when using :GetPlayingAnimationTracks() you may post it below.

This is more of a bug rather than anything to me but the procedures for filling and posting on this category are just over my head.


May I see your script, please?

I don’t really see how the script could be helpful but ok,…

local function printCurrentTracks(humanoid)
	for _,track in pairs(humanoid.Animator:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()) do

function Relaxed:ApplyGestures(model)
	local humanoid = model.Humanoid
	local function setAnimations()
		local animate = model:WaitForChild("Animate")
		for purpose,obj in pairs(self.assets) do
			for index,animation in pairs(animate[purpose]:GetChildren()) do
				animation.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://"..obj.ids[index]

Print your animation names first.

:l It doesn’t work. I should have mentioned it earlier

local function printCurrentTracks(humanoid)
	for _,track in pairs(humanoid.Animator:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()) do

No, I am saying BEFORE you put them in.

I don’t see how that would solve anything. Anyway, I figured it out. Works on client but doesn’t work on server.

That would just check if your animations are correctly named. Anyways, good thing you fixed it!

Not even… doesn’t really have anything with me naming my animations or my animations in any way. The animation on the picture namely WalkAnim and RunAnim are default Roblox animations and so far I just have an idle animation. Hence that has nothing to do with me not or wrongly naming my animations.

You’re right. I forgot about that.