Animator broken?

I use the built in animator plugin alot and ive never had this issue so Im not sure what to do

I tried to animate recently and the first issue was I couldnt select the torso (although that may be an issue with the rigging) and when I move the body parts none of the little node things for the body parts show up making it super hard to animate, I tried checking if I needed to update it but I cant open my plugin manager, Im super confused on whats going on

In this image ive moved the limbs but none of the nodes are showing up, ive restarted studio and relogged in multiple times and still nothing, if anyone has advice to help or an idea of whats going on it would be great help.


the roblox built in animation editor has been broken for quite a while, that’s why lots of people use a plugin called Moon Animator


Ive tried moon but its far to complex for me, I liked the roblox animator cause it was simple and got done what I wanted done, it only recently broke but if its been broken for so long why hasnt it been fixed?

as far as I know roblox doesn’t care about the original animator, that’s why moon animator was made

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I tried the plugin on my own character thing in roblox and it works fine, can you show the rigging?

This may be an issue with rigging, but if you successfully rigged it and it works on other animators, this topic most likely belongs in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs. Aside from that, I’m not quite sure, I suggest double checking on your rigging and try to play as the rig yourself, check if it collapses or something. If it collapses or overall fails to be used correctly, re-rig it. If not, report this in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs. Anyway, thanks for reading, hope this helped. Have an amazing rest of your day/night.

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If thats the case I dunno whats wrong with my rigs cause Im doing them the same as ive always done them and only recently have they broken, I tried going back with my old rigs but they also do it so Im very confused

Not sure if this is the case but click where you want the next keyframe to be.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 23.13.26

Click just a bit after the blue line and it should make your next keyframe and input the changes that you did.

I know how to animate, I used to do it alot but only recently has the animator just refused to work, the animation nodes dont show up, The part selection isnt there so I cant change the position of certain things, its just broken for me and its very sadden because it was such a useful tool to throw together quick idle and walking animations

Yeah I have to say the ROBLOX animater doesn’t work for me too its strange

Ill be so sad if they stopped updating it or whatever and thats why it broke cause I relied on it so much lol

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Yeah same I can’t use moon it’s just to much stuff to do :+1:

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