Animator instance not being created on server

Today, I ran into a promblem where the animator wasn’t created in humanoid,=

		local Humanoid = char:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Humanoid")

		local AnimatorRun ="Animator",Humanoid);AnimatorRun.Name = "Run"
		local AnimatorJump ="Animator",Humanoid);AnimatorJump.Name = "Jump"
		local AnimatorIdle ="Animator",Humanoid);AnimatorIdle.Name = "Idle"
		local AnimatorWalk ="Animator",Humanoid);AnimatorWalk.Name = "Walk"

Humanoids only need one Animator, why are you making several? That’s not how you handle different types of animations. For different types of animations you need to load Animation objects to the Animator with the appropriate AnimationId on it.

In the case that you fix this and only attempt to create one Animator but it’s not working, then more details need to be provided about why this isn’t working. Please report any errors you might be having or try doing some debugging on your code.

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