Animators Needed for Taunts etc - Light The Future (R15)

About Us

Hi there! I’m in need of an animator to help make some animations for my game under the group (Light The Future - Roblox)

About The Job

We are looking for you to make multiple short animations, including a throwing knife, crouch, several taunts, maybe more if needed. These are standard R15 rigs so 15 joints.

We’re looking to have 15-20 short anims and a couple long ones (none will be >10 seconds)

We need these done somewhat soon so please make sure you are able to focus on this project when you contact me. Yes I’ve had people contact me and said they needed to “finish up other projects before starting mine.”


You will be paid 2,500 robux per anim and 5,000 per long anim.

Payment can be done via group funds however I prefer paying via gamepass or shirt or dev product whatever. This is because of the new lock for group members to be paid via group and also I have more robux in my account.


Contact my Discord nr922#1932 and when you send me a DM please include a portfolio of some sort!!! I will likely ignore you or take you less seriously if you don’t have a portfolio.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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