Animatronic Tycoon - Update Log 0.9a

Animatronic Tycoon - Update 0.9a

Update 0.9a is finally here! Take a look at the changelog below:

:heavy_plus_sign: Additions

  • :island: We have added a full-on map expansion! It is localized in the same place as where the minigames were! More on that in a bit.
  • :pen_fountain: We have added a watermark on the UI (User Interface)! You can disable this in the settings!
  • :flashlight: We have added a tunnel… somewhere. It’s pretty obvious where the location is but, you should go check it out and see if you find anything interesting. I’m not promising anything though!
  • :rocket: We have revived an old gamepass named Rocket Launcher! You can purchase it in the store now for only 75R$!
  • :play_pause: We have added, for the first time, a full menu when you load up the game! This includes a fully functioning loading screen!
  • :medal: Badges now available!

:grey_question: Improvements / Changes

  • :repeat: We have changed the buttons for the third time! They are now hexagonal-shaped and are way more stylish! They come with their own unique colors, so you can distinguish them pretty easily!
  • :paintbrush: We have done a total revision of our user interface! All of the UI has been updated including, but not limited to: Settings | Credits | Minigames UI | Emotes | Feedback UI | Menu, and so much more!
  • :astonished: We have completely changed up the Parts N’ Service, Party Stage, and many other buildings!
  • :sunglasses: We completely changed our quotes for the tycoons from the old ones.

:x: Removed

  • :slightly_frowning_face: Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the original idea, we have to remove minigames. We are sorry @danipoplpl for closing this project.
  • :blue_car: We have removed driveable cars. They may return another update.
  • :statue_of_liberty: The developer statues have been removed to optimize space. You can still check out who contributed in the credits.

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed reseting.
  • Secret Base now gives badge(s).