Anime Battle Arena type pvp game

So I was wondering what the easiest or best method(s) to make moves for specific characters like anime battle arena, or better yet if there’s a kit for a fighting game like that

Kinda a broad question.
It just requires some basic scripting though (e.g some basic OOP programming utilizing a few modules) .
Afaik there’s no kits available for this.

Here are some tips for some attacks:
If we take a fireball, it would require only a few things:

  • a neon orange ball, mouse.Hit.Position, an animation for the character, a sound and a way to make the fireball moving at mouse

For an invisible move:

  • You will need something to check if the character is invisible. If he is not then use a for loop to make all body parts invisible (or visible)

For a Slash:

  • almost the same as fireball but instead you will create a model first then clone it

If you need more tips, do not hesitate to ask me

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I meant more how would I actually set up the move system, so you press the buttons for specific moves, but i can probably figure it out

You will need to get it locally with a LocalScript. You will also need to use UserInputService on this script and a RemoteEvent to makes the moves working with it