Anime Battle Tycoon - Update Log


Update Logs

Version 0.0.0

  • Anime Battle Tycoon Official Beta Release
  • Pre-release countdown has ended

How To Play

Welcome to Anime Battle Tycoon! There is a vast amount of things to experience in Anime Battles Tycoon. Read below for specifics of some of them! If you find a bug or have a suggestion, join our community server and let us know.

  • Build out your very own Tycoon, inspired by your favorite animes! Head over to the Home World, and buy the โ€œStartโ€ button to get started!


  • Head over to the Home World. You can get quests that give out Gems. Fight enemies with your fists, abilities, or companions. Level up and spend skill points to get even stronger.


  • Head over to the shop placed outside your tycoon door. You can then spend your gems on permanent upgrades to boost your progression.


  • Each world has its own companion prism. They all cost Yen and contain strong allies to help you take on enemies. There are two secret companions per world, but neither are found in prisms. The first is a rare boss drop. The other isโ€ฆ a secret. (Hint: It has to do with the Index of that world.)

![](upload://22u5HZPOxSnbGrevb111yrmx8qF.png) ![](upload://gZvujsjzfSfSCwb4Sp6ogcAVDrR.png)

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