Anime Themed Cafe Building Feedback

So for the first time I am building in an anime style on roblox. I went through many ideas, trail and error to get the theme for my project right! I want it to be without textures, all textures and such will be done with blocks (aka. photo 2 “planks”).

I came on here to ask for tips or any roblox references of people who have built anime style games that I could look for inspiration.

Context -

  • this game will be a maid & butler cafe! every simple, elegant and it should feel as if you are walking into an anime.
  • location (unknown) ex. town street.

“Anime Tree-Anime Bush-Cafe Entrance-Butler”

“Wooden Plank Floor”

Any opinions, suggestions and feedback are welcomed and appreciated!
Also what would you name this café? We have a name but aren’t “set” on it!


Looks good so far, my suggesion is that you use hightlight on certian items so it looks more cartoonish