Announcing the new Developer Hub


The wiki is sooooooooooo much easier to navigate than the new one. It looks like an actual place to find useful information instead of looking like a google slide presentation with fancy boxes and colors taking up valuable room :confused:


Look, I agree with you completely. However, it has been five days since the Developer Hub was released, and I feel that we’re now all in agreement on how we feel about this update.

I believe that, going forward, it would be far more valuable if we could provide Roblox staff with the information and the constructive criticism they need to fix this critically-important development tool, instead of re-iterating how we feel about this new website.


In the new developer hub it would be extremely nice if there could be an archive containing all the information that the old wiki had. This would make old and new developers happy, allowing people to choose one or the other based on their preference.


I’m not sure if this is worth the engineering effort, given that you can use the Wayback Machine already. If there is an article from the wiki that has not migrated into the new site that you believe has value, please let us know.


I wish the old wiki still just worked as it always did

I’m just trying to look at the list of existing services and I keep getting this.

Also, I don’t like the new API reference, why do I have to click through to an extra page just to see the parameters of a function

and when I do click through, it’s annoying that it’s displayed vertically instead of in the same format that the function is actually used

I’ve literally been using the wiki for 10 years now and it’s very annoying that everything is now different and not displayed in a similar format to how it’s always been displayed. I appreciate trying to make it look nicer and more clean but I wish it was done in a way that feels like a natural transition from how it always has been.

AssetTypeId page is gone, I need an AssetTypeId list!

I needed to access that exact same page today, coincidentally. Here is a cached version since it’s impossible to access through any resources provided by Roblox anymore. Would be nice if that page was restored and also provided on the new hub as well (as suggested in one of my previous posts).


Help, I can’t find the article on string patterns anymore! Does anyone happen to remember what both of the magic characters for anchors were?

Edit: nvm I found them on This is still a big problem for me because that was an article I used a lot.

AssetTypeId page is gone, I need an AssetTypeId list!

I will try to bring it back, once I have a more procedural way of generating that list on the new site.


That article should be back soon. We have someone on our team working on it.


Can I also make a recommendation that you make this page easier to find

Throw it in the related articles on the other gamepad pages please, this took me way too long to find, I only managed to even find it from searching the devforums


I’ll bring this up internally. Thanks for reporting!


Is there any chance we could see the Input Image Library broadened to include all the forms of input supported by Roblox, such as mouse input, keyboard, touch and VR movement?


Also @CloneTrooper1019 I gave this feedback too when you guys switched to a new wiki style a while back (which was then rectified), but there is again no button to view the edit history of pages, or at least some kind of changelog of the content. I want to be able to see when a new API member was added, when certain content was edited (i.e. if someone edits the usage limit of an API, I want to see the date of that change somehow).


I had the same problem a while back ago, luckily I had a link I could use to get the article from the Wayback Machine.

Here ya go dude.


The module itself seems set up to handle it pretty easily. I think it would just be a case of having someone create the spritesheets for it and making a module with all the locations. Of course there’s a LOT more buttons on a keyboard so it might not be as easy as gamepad controls


Is making the website https on the pipelines? :frowning:




Are you planning to make the URL Roblox acceptable? (the filter)


I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet (I haven’t had time to scroll through the 70 or so posts I missed, also I suspect someone has mentioned this) but the new API is missing a ton of information. I know people have posted about this, but I found a specific issue with GetProductInfo. It lists that the function returns a Dictionary InfoType, but nowhere on either the main GetProductInfo page or the InfoType page does it list the information that the dictionary actually returns… Or at least I can’t find it easily. The only information it gives is in the example code block it says Asset.Description. Now I can’t figure out anything about this. I think this needs to be fixed asap.

I do like the look of the new site, but I agree with other posts I’ve seen here, it seems rushed, but I understand that and I have hope that it will be better in the future, good job so far!


I don’t think anyone brought up this issue specifically, but yes, probably one of the posts you missed was the one where they said they’re bringing back the wiki API reference temporarily.

Here’s your page: