Announcing the new Developer Hub

Dear Developer & Creator Community,

Our mission on the Developer Relations team is to enable the success of our developer and creator community. We have many programs, initiatives, and resources, and we want to make sure all of this content has a unified home. To that end, we are pleased to announce the release of the brand new Developer Hub!
Right now on the Developer Hub, you can find all of the content that you were used to finding on the Wiki. Not only has this content gotten a face-lift, but we have dramatically redesigned how everything is organized. Just to give you a sense of scale, we went through over 3000 pages of API documentation and 450 articles, tutorials, videos, and how-tos. Here are some of the things you’ll see on the new Developer Hub:

  • A new design for every page, article, video, and API reference.
  • Hundreds of new code samples to be found and explored.
  • Updated content in over a hundred articles and tutorials.
  • New filtering and search capabilities.
  • A new homepage with developer and game spotlights, and featured news and announcements.

With these changes, we will be able to better support you and help you grow. Note we are still in the process of bringing over other areas of the wiki which we expect to complete over the next few weeks - this includes the Studio User Manual, our Educator Resources, the Roblox Creator Challenge, our Release Notes, and a small hand-full of tutorials that are still in need of edits to bring them up to a higher editorial standard. We have also heard your feedback about our API reference documentation. As part of this update, you’ll find over 1500 pages of documentation updated to reflect the current state of our platform, with many more updates to come.

As with all projects of this scale, some issues may have gotten past our testing. So if you discover a problem, or have an idea you would like to share about the DevHub, please share them in the comments below. We will do our best to investigate and respond as quickly as possible.

Developer Relations Team


It looks so amazing!

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The new lay-out will take some getting used to, I liked how simple the old wiki was


It’s definitely harder to read. There’s so much empty space and the page is narrower. I have to scroll so much.


Looks nice! Will hopefully be as practical as the current wiki but more up to date and without deprecated stuff.


The API Reference page is horrible to read, here’s some reasons why:

  • No parameter information on functions and events on the pages of Instances and Services
  • The colour scheme means it’s very hard to distinguish between names, descriptions and types, plus the brightness of it isn’t exactly easy on the eyes.
  • A lot of white space is unnecessarily taken up for no reason, meaning you have to scroll through a lot more stuff to find what you want.
  • Instance icons really helped to identify the page you’re on instantly and help to relate it to what you see in studio.

The rest of the hub is great, however, new developer hub on roblox today, the home page is my favourite one, good job team!


Despite what others have said about the pages/being harder to read, I think it’s easier to read and understand than the old wiki.

At least on my monitor size the words are much more clear and bolder which is nice. :ok_hand:

I agree. I also really miss the Instance icons. I found them really helpful for navigation.


The API reference pages are hard to navigate. There’s too much white space, and the reading order is not intuitive.

I would like to see the format for API members in the form of i.e.

void DoStuff(int a, string b, bool c = false)

Some examples of changes I’d like to see:





I would like to see the quick overviews for experienced developers coming back. The current layout is too casual and spread-out.


I really miss the icons next to each Class. They were an easy way to identify what I was searching for and I hope these are re-added to the API reference.


Welcome aboard my dudes

Please feel free to log any and all problems with the API documentation pages.
My priority right now is getting everything cleaned up and usable for developers in the API documentation now that we have the site off the ground. There is a lot of work to do, and I know we can make it better.


dark theme please?


Just a quick typo I noticed “without”


Dark theme is on the code samples at the moment such as

But yes, more dark theme would be great


I like the intent. The execution is not perfect on mobile regarding the order of the content, but it’s a fair improvement on previous wiki mobile support.

Not sure if it’s just temporary, but my main criticism is the URL. It feels kind of weird and I’m not sure if new devs would trust a random domain change when everything else is including devforum and previously the wiki.


Of course! It’s an ongoing process and we’ve already updated 1500 API pages to be synced with the state of the platform :slight_smile:

1 Like redirects to the new wiki but yea, that would be nice.

Will definitely be working on this, as I totally agree. We should preserve the original presentation of functions alongside the new presentation.

We had a lot of data to wrangle and not a whole lot of time to get everything out the door, so we had to prioritize our work carefully.


Just something like or or, just so it’s definitely trusted and you don’t promote trusting other URLs.

Edit: redirects to wiki which redirects to the new site. Maybe there’s already plans to reappropriate?


As said before, it would be nice but this is not abnormal of Roblox. is another example.