Announcing This years Dev Jam: Building challenge (unofficial Jam)

Hello everyone,

welcome to this years dev jam. I’m your host Outrageous, and ValueBuild. today, we are hosting this exciting developer jam, which shows your talent on roblox, and roblox studio.

you can read the requirements to join, and participant here:

  • Must be a Expert In Building.
  • Must have 2 years experience to build.
  • Must been over 12 years old.
  • you have to Join Roblox before 2018.
  • have a Discord account to DM if you win or not.
  • give the Tag from your Discord Account.

These are all requirements to join. now before we do the instructions, please read these important notices from Value.

Hello Its Value Here,
i’m gradeful to Host with my Co-Host Outrageous the developer jam 2022: building challenge for professional Builders. please keep in mind, this is not a official jam, which gives prizes after winning. we do this for fun, and entertaining people, to help also them to get better in building if they want build maps. if you think, this is a misunderstanding, please message one of the hosts.

this was Value, now, we go to the instructions.


  • You have 24 Hours to Build the entire city.
  • you have to use the Building tools, and parts on roblox studio.
  • do NOT use FREE MODELS from the toolbox, which is illegal, and gets you exiled and Banned from the Jam.
  • Must be active 24/7.
  • you have to download the dev jam game, and start creating.

these was all instructions we gave you.

download the dev jam game here

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