Announcing Unlocked Avatar Scaling: Expanding the Roblox Universe


From what I understand the pre-sets just set the scale options to whatever the Rthro preset is. You then have to edit the scale through your avatar if you want to see the dimensions work out.


Ah okay, thanks!


For a Published Place, in the studio you can go to Home->Game Settings->Avatar to view the morph panel. Body Type is currently capped at 30% in the morph panel, and once we release Rthro 100% to all in a few days, the cap would change to 100% too.

You can also set this scale value for body type in script in order to play with it.



Haha, very nice idea for the name there :clap: :laughing:

I guess people who complained about Anthro won’t have to do it anymore! “Anthro” will never come to Roblox! :laughing:


Indeed, I expect it to be a social thing to refer to it as Anthro.


Little skeptical, but excited at the same time. Let’s see where this goes.


This actually seems cooler than the previous two iterations of X-thros that were thrown at us. Full developer customization of the Roblox avatar, plus the keeping of R6 and R15. I am excited to see where things are going from here and how developers will be using this to their advantage.

Awesome stuff, Roblox. :ok_hand:


The level of customization with all of these new avatar options and the new packages shown in the promo images are astounding, and are a great promise for the future. There is one aspect that does worry me though. With more details being baked into the packages and less relying on UGC items such as Clothing, combined with all Roblox-provided packages and other Avatar items often being priced at a hefty premium for players, I am scared that in practice the diversity in avatars amongst Rthro-adopting players will take a serious hit.

Please do take that aspect into account, as players love customizing their avatar. Games have started to offer more in-game-exclusive customization options and this course will certainly continue when the flexibility of these premium items decrease. It won’t help developers in adopting Rthro either if most players hold on to their “classic” items. Please ensure that there will be a sufficient amount of free items that can be mixed and matched to allow character personalization, as that ultimately will draw players closer to the platform and the experience they will have in all of our games combined.


Not going to lie, but I’m pretty excited for this update!
I like the fact that there is more options to user creativity of their avatars.


The future is Sims😂


I think this update will be awesome for making more realistic games. :grin:


This is something I’ve been confused about for a while, does Rthro make your characters taller?


This actually looks like a really good character model! I cant wait to start using it!


The “proportions” slider changes how the Rthro avatars scale in comparison to non-Rthro players (I think). If you set it to 0%, they become taller, at 100%, they’re about the same size.


Wow that looks cool

I’m still not going to change my look though lol, but I will mess around with it a bunch :3


As someone who loves the retro aesthetics of Roblox, I really appreciate the commitment Roblox has made to providing backwards compatibility and making this transition blended and smooth. It would have been easier to just release two separate character models, but they went the extra mile to make sure there was no divide between them, and thus no reason to think the old ones will ever be removed.

I was skeptical of having new character proportions many years ago because there was a lot of uncertainty about where things were going and how existing content would migrate into this, but I must say that I’m quite pleased with how everything turned out. I look forward to the future of the avatar system!


This update is amazing so far. I love the fact that developers can control how player’s avatars look, allowing for full anthro/realism or just forcing the traditional R6 rig. Good update roblox!

Can’t wait to try this out on my dragon package when it’s released.


The average height for the classic R15 Roblox body type is 5 studs tall. When that same avatar is morphed to be Rthro R15 proportions, they will now be 6.25 studs tall. Some sets of body parts though are different heights and will not be exactly 5 or 6.25 tall, but in general, avatars will be somewhat taller when at the Rthro end of the scale.




Gotta be honest I completely agree. I love the idea of RThro and all of this, and what it means on a larger level, but at the same time it seems completely unorthodox to continue doing it this way… without vertex deformation it’s still going to result in uncanny seams

in my opinion you’re probably better off building custom character rigs yourself to try to hide those issues

That being said, I know vertex deformation isn’t something they can just slap together in a week.