Annoying Purchase Prompt Popup from Unknown Source

I have this problem with my game and that problem is that whenever someone who isn’t the owner plays the game, this annoying purchase prompt (which isn’t mine)

This is what it looks like when you try to play the game:

I have also noticed this item being referred to in a require line of code within a faux version of Khols Admin Infinite I had picked up

After deleting that I am still experiencing problems with the popup, is this fixable, and if so, how?

More things:


I managed to find the product ID of: 153978678:6 (atleast I believe its a product id)

When I testrun the game in localserver this appears in replicated first


(script is a massive jumble of code)

theres another thing in relicatedstorage ill find tomorrow because its like 11:30

Edit: That was Khol’s Admin (a legitimate script)

Second Edit: Inside the dev console and a list of running script I have found this

Ctrl + Shift + F and search :PromptProductPurchase should help you find the location(s) of this issue.
Make sure to only use Free Models from verified and reputable sources.


nothing appears, ive done that along with require, loadstring, etc etc.

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I’ve seen other people say it’s essentially embedded into the game with no way of pulling it out, would it be worth essentially copying every asset of the game and putting it into a different “world”

This doesn’t seem like an issue that would require such extraordinary measures. A temporary solution at least would be to disable third party sales and teleports in game security.


Disable third party sales, it may be a plugin.

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Disable third party sales, so ROBLOX won’t allow any prompts purchase.

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This. But disabling third party sales is only half of the issue.

There’s a lot of plugins out there that cause these types of issues, I would suggest that you sift through your plugin list and take out the plugins that aren’t highly rated and/or highly installed.

Definitely check the comments if its available and if you want to go the extra mile, see if theres a devforum post about that plugin.

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This will maybe help you getting rid of this annoying prompt purchase:


I’m pretty sure its not a plugins problem though because in my other games this isn’t an issue

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Hold Ctrl + shift + F, then type PromptPurchase in the search bar, press enter.

If no script contains that, then it has to be a plugin.


Can also be a loadstring or a lua vm so not true


That’s a good point, OP, try searching for that as well.


He already tried searching all of that, including loadstring and require along with others it seems. It may be a model or a hidden script in his game maybe from a free model he downloaded.

Is there any chance It’s a obfuscated script? So those usual search methods won’t easily find those.

@Eh_Canadian0 Try searching getfenv too!

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Not getting anything from getfenv

It still gives a popup… This time saying: “This place has Third Party Sales disabled”

Try enabling it back, the anti prompt work when the service is enabled. Else, they can’t get in the plugin’s script the service since you did not turn it on.

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Disabled every single plugin, still a problem