Annoying Studio Bug: Failed to Bind to Workspace. Please restart Studio in order to resolve the issue

This bug is the most annoying bug that I can find, and probably the only bug that I’m aware of.

Studio Error

I have a video on how it works provided right here. It doesn’t only work for the calculator app. It does it for all apps, and also when I press Windows+Shift+S When I have to take a screenshot:

This is it recorded with a screen recorder. You can’t see much.

What happens is when I switch to a new window and drag the window or even press a shortcut to open something (For example, Snip and Sketch), My computer freezes then the screen goes black then comes back normal, then goes black again, comes up on the top right with Windows 7 theme, then goes black, then studio goes white and I need to restart studio or even my computer in some cases. If I just need to close Studio, I get an error saying "Failed to Bind to Workspace. Please restart Studio in order to resolve the issue. "

If it’s a heavy game, when I open the Windows Color Palette
It does the same thing.

This has been happening since March. It doesn’t happen with a computer manufactured in 2014 which is weird. The computer that does this was manufactured in 2019.

System Specks:
1 TB Hard Drive
2.40 GHz 4 core Processor
4 GB Graphics memory
8 GB Ram

Graphics Drivers are up to date:

And when I change it to Vulkan, it does this and I need to spam Alt+F4

Quality level - 1
Edit quality level - 7
Graphics mode - Auto

DxDiag.txt (86.5 KB)

The only thing I was doing when the bug was happening was developing a game. Sometimes happens out of nowhere, but other times, it happens when I drag another window, including the properties, toolbox, etc… and also happens with stuff not in studio like notepad, calculator, etc… and also happens when I press Windows+Shift+S, which is the new way to take screenshots.

The other bug happens whenever I close studio. I just opened it to change graphics settings and dragged windows around to test, then closed studio and it just does that. I need to repeatedly spam alt+F4 to force close it. I cannot access anything else until I have done so.

I found out which graphics mode causes which.
Direct3D11 - Failed to bind bug
Direct3D9 - Failed to bind bug
Metal - Failed to bind bug
No Graphics - None
Open GL - Best, doesn’t crash
Vulkan - Spam Alt+F4

If there is anything I need to change, please let me know. Thank you, WE


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


New update: It just did the same thing in player after I updated Roblox. However, the bug is a little bit more rare, and it doesnt error. It just flashes and goes white.

The engineers have stated that this is a graphics driver issue and not studio so there is not much that the studio team can do to help. Thanks for reporting this issue. Hopefully you can find drivers that will correct this issue.

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