Anomaly Observer - Patch Notes

Patch Notes


[Sports Club]:

  • Lights off not fixed in Gym and Training Room.
  • Certain object dissappeared in Pool but it counted as Object Movement.
  • Picture Anomaly not fixing in Gym.
  • Picture Anomaly not changing texture in Pool.
  • [Mobile] Arrows not turning visible back after fixing Abyss Presence in Reception.


  • Slightly increased Intruder spawn rarity.
  • New Map: Sports Club

  • New Anomaly: Abyss Presence

  • Bug Fixes
    – Fixed a wrong orientation with an object moved in Bathroom and Cinema.

  • Changes
    – Now you can switch cameras by also clicking on the arrows (PC devices).
    – Added a blacklist to avoid a repeated room.
    – Added Skip button for Warning messages.

  • Balance Changes
    – Reduced max amount of anomalies required for the warning event β€œToo Many Anomalies active”
    – Slightly increased Distortion anomaly rarity.
    – Slightly increased TV/Monitor anomaly rarity.
    – Slightly decreased Intruder anomaly rarity.
    – Increased the minimum time an Anomaly can spawn.

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