Another Broken Egg Cafe - Training Guide (Hosting and Trainer)

Another Broken Egg Cafe - Guides

:arrow_down: Host/Co-Host :arrow_down:

  1. Slock at Start.
  2. Hello, welcome to this Training Session! I am your host, [USERNAME] joined by your co-host [USERNAME/N/A]
  3. Say these rules:
    I. Grammar is recommended but not required.
    II. You must be kind to everyone, this includes anyone below your rank.
    III. Trolling, spamming, or exploiting is strictly not allowed. If you see someone, send a picture of it to us on via dizzy. Also, report them on ROBLOX!
    IV. AA’ing (Admin Abusing) is also not allowed. If you are a staff member and caught abusing your admin powers, you will be terminated immediately.
    That is all the rules! Trainers, please head to your station with your trainees.

:arrow_down: Trainers :arrow_down:
Hello! I am trainer [USERNAME], and I will be training you today. Any questions before we begin?
Ok! Lets get started!
(PM them 5-9 questions related about Another Broken Egg Cafe.)
Great job on passing the trivia! Let’s move onto the troll test.
Trollers/exploiters are meanies. They are meant to hurt your feelings. But… they mostly want attention. That is there main job! What you should do about a Troller/Exploiter:
They get 3 warnings, after that contact an HR+ so they can get kicked.
They get absolutely NO warnings whatsoever! They glitch people, kick/ban people with exploit menus, and more!
(Do the troll test on them as a troller)

Ok! That is all the sections to this training. I will now review your work. I will tell you if you passed or failed in a moment.

(Say if they passed or failed.


This will conclude the training guide! (Don’t say this!)