Another exploiter crashing another server

I have a game with usually 10 players on average when a shift is active. I noticed that there are exploiters crashing other peoples servers and they state this on the devforum. However, I personally think that it has to be a roblox loophole or flaw that is allowing them to do this. It has to be a new flaw(if it is a flaw) since this has came up recently in the devforum community.

Could anyone please show me a trusted anti exploit script that could potentially stop this from happening? Thank you in advance.


Do you know how they are crashing your game? Also, What kind of game is it? I wonder if it is some client vulnerability.

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It’s a juice bar game. Experimental mode is off.

Experimental mode has been off since Filtering Enabled took it’s place…

Nevermind that just me not remembering how roblox works

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Well some people don’t even know what Filtering Enabled is in the first place, so don’t sweat it

Have they been crashing YOUR game is the question?

Yes, they have been, I’m saying there are examples of others being crashed.

I personally make anti - exploit scripts made personally for games. So I would have no idea about a public trusted one.

First off, your title is a programmer. Any programmer with basic knowledge can make a decent anti-exploit.

Second of all, you’re correct. I’ve seen a few threads of games getting crashed. Please check your remotes, and scripts to see in what way your game could be getting crashed.

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I mainly program UIs and my knowledge outside programming UIs are limited. I have checked all my scripts, the only anomaly 1 uses require() functions, however, the script is by TheFurryFish and I’m pretty sure theyre trusted among the community.

This is wrong. Making a decent anti-exploit is difficult to do considering the insane library an exploiter can work with compared to a developer. It takes more than basic knowledge of Lua to understand vulnerabilities in code.

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The lighting is a button under the works which is placed under the map. It seems they were pressing all the buttons and surface buttons in game at once.

I’d also like to add we had an exploiter earlier on stopping us from banning them as when we typed ban it would replace the text with something else. They had music coming from some portal under them and it was hella weird…

I disagree with your premise.

Not all programmers are particularly skilled at anti-exploits, to present it as though it is this easy think to manufacture provides false reassurance to programmers who are being attacked by exploits having never made anti-exploits before.

With that being said, creating an anti-exploit requires a knowledge of how the exploit works, which OP does not seem to have. As anticlimactic as it is to say, crash-exploits in particular are something that ROBLOX themselves will have to patch. It’s not as open-and-closed as things like fly exploits, teleport exploits, etc, there are quite possibly thousands of ways to crash servers in roblox, and like a hydra, once you cut off one head another one grows in its place.

I recommend double checking ALL of your games code making sure that it is not something on your behalf causing the game to crash, however aside from that it may be more beneficial to hunker down and wait for ROBLOX to patch the scripts.

Things you could consider doing are group locking your games to ensure that only verified users are getting in, and exploiters (if detected) can easily be removed from the group.


I’d recommend not using exploits on Roblox due to extremely obvious reasons.
Even more so posting about them on forums which are moderated. :slight_smile:

Not to mention breaking executor’s ToS by doing this :flushed:


i wasn’t exploiting.

@lexishh DM me, samtheman#7181. I think your game actually has a backdoor and not an exploitable remote.

Stuff which you posted says otherwise, I recommend removing.

I’m not entire sure what functions the exploits these days have, but fireclickdetector only comes up with results for exploits like Synapse X and V3rmillion posts.

yes, as I said i wasn’t exploiting.

someone I know tested out a script he’d created because it tends to be stuff like that causing game lag.