Another Feedback for my GfX Images

Hello my name is Devdle,i am a begginer gfx artist and also a pro illustrator,i have been doing traditional art for 9 years and i have been doing digital art for 4 years.However i started doing gfx images 3 days ago

After the last image i did i made 2 more gfx images and here are they

I would love to know if there are any issues or if you have any extra tips

Here are the images:

Click for the images


Asking for prices is against rules, but your GFX is very nice, I like the detail and background!

Thanks i just wanted an idea to decide the prices but i will remove it

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It’s okay, but you should change the text color. It blends in with the background.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Pretty good :slight_smile: :fire: but you should’ve turned off autosmooth in blender for the arms in the second GFX. Still really good stuff. xd B)))

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To be honest i didn’t know that there was a setting like that,if you know a tutorial to turn it off i would like to see it

Oh that’s okay. xd

Here’s a quick video I found;

Skip to 9:30 for turning off autosmooth

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