Another GFX i created

it isnt good but i tried and spent like 30 mins on this trying to make it look good i think i could of done better with bob but thats all

here somethings to keep in mind b efore you comment:
i used r6 cuz r15 is a pain
ik i used the same body for each i liked the colors
nothing only the poses were made by me
(keep in mind this is my second time doing this)


This image could have been created with a better angle, perhaps by using rule of thirds.

yeahh i should of found a better angle

blood splatters are unrealistic, the map/set isn’t great, the posing is not good, it just looks very defaulty and where the guns are in reference to the characters is also weird.

and your camera angling and character design isn’t great, and your lighting doesn’t match the scene and there is just this big shadow
grade: 40/100

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You should turn up the render quality to minimalize the uneven lines. The GFXs are all kinda plain and lack detail. The map looks as if it’s made in 5 minutes. I suggest using real houses as a reference next time you build. Use custom textures and replace the grass in the fourth image with terrain grass with details turned on. The lighting isn’t that good either. Learn how to use Blender.

5/10 Not bad for your second GFX

iv said in my last post i cant download blender i dont haveneough space on my pc i kept them all plain as im not making something for a big game it was for fun the map was given to me

Oh, in that case, you should try learning how to use lighting effects. This tutorial is a good one to begin with: Lighting Tutorial - How to use Lighting