Another Island update!

Detailed Interior, Changed floor color, Slightly updated interior and Updated Island.

Outside of the Island.

Interior picture 1

Interior picture 2

Interior picture 3 (As this being a completely new room! :wink: )

Iā€™m ready for any feedback! Ill be thanks for any feedback too :wink: !

  • tombbstonel

Its nice! But you could add some fire place or lights inside the house, as it is too dark inside and add ancient things inside the house it would look good with your house design in game.


thx for the feedback :heart:

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Maybe try adding texture / new material on some of the Blocks

Before you change all of the texture or add new material make a backup of your build so you can switch back if you prefer the older


Looks good for a simple island, but the tree top kind of looks like helicopter blades.


It looks like a very nice first island! Iā€™d suggest adding a small raft to hint at someone living there, or else how did he get there? Also you might want to add a table near the chair outside, for a drink or something similar. Keep on learning and I hope you are enjoying Roblox Studio!


yeah, but thanks for the feedback!

ill try

thirty letters neededd

ill try thanks for the feedback


In some parts of the island like:
looks very boring to look at. Try to add wedges to make the outer sand edges look more round:

Overall, The island looks very good, probably better than my really old ones


To your first island, it looks well done, but here are some points:

  • The inside of the house is really simple, i would recommend you to add some textures

  • The sand color is too bright, try changing it to a bit darker color

But as i said, to your very first island, it looks pretty good, keep it up! :slight_smile:


Add some irregular shaped objects like in real world.Add ancient objects like the things they use in ancient times, for example chair made for rocks.Add huge rocks outside and make the sand any random shape rather than a block, looks better now.Add lighting effects in Roblox Studio and then your island looks far better! c:

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Try to use Gap fill, its an AMAZING plugin and makes building so much easier. Trust me, IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

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i have it installed but i never used it ill try thanks for the feedback, but how is the build now?

It looks quite good, but it can be cleaned and I suggest you use more materials.

ok thanks for the feedback
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If you want material textures however, you should get this

ok thanks ill try and use it
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