Another low poly & cartoony terrain

I bulit another low poly terrain after this one, what do you think?

If you want to see it in game the link is here:


Maybe work on the water color a little. Also try fixing the bridge the wood parts are not even.


Idk how to make water cartoony but i’ll work on that!

Probaly make it more blue it looks a bit white to me.


I think it looks very cool and very Low Poly.

It looks very decent! If this was on sale I would definitely buy it! The only thing I have a suggestion on is that the color of the water looks not very the “color” that water should be.

I made some updates

It’s bigger and some lighting fixes


This low poly terrain is really detail (for a low poly terrain).I like it :slight_smile: !!

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Looks awesome, kind of like a deathrun style, keep up the good work! :+1:

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