Another military GFX

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It looks impressive although the glare from behind is too much, it can have a shadow on the trees as seen on the ground

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I really like the lighting here. However, the way the FOV is in the picture appears to be unnaturally stretching characters on the far side of the screen.

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It like very Good!! Good Light the forest and terrain Looks good!

How much do you charge to make me one?

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5 USD for 1 Art, I think this a cheap cost

Looks Nice man Would buy If I did not know how to GFX.
Light Is good and Terrain Seems smooth.

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This is a pretty solid attempt, the design came out nice. However the lighting is quite weird looking I’m curious the little circle white dots are bugs or the caused by the lighting?

The design shows not much going on, you may want to experiment into adding more vegetation if you look at real life forest locations you will see there are amount of details and depth within it. What I’m normally referring to is you should add more variety of trees to have a better appearance to cover the brightness placed in the background.

There is still space for improvements have you considered into adding exposed tree roots - variation of trees. Otherwise, it’s not bad.

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The white dots are the light passing through the leaves

If I’m not mistaken, the bright glare behind the trees represents the light coming from the sun right?

Because if that’s the case, there would be no direct sunlight that can hit the front part of the trees. To explain it further, the light is coming from the back part, not from the top, which naturally means it will not generate spots to the trees because the rays are directed to the trunks of the trees. Anyway, that’s all what I’ve noticed here. Overall, it’s a great design! Keep it up! :]

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