Another Way To Insert An Free Model In-Game?

Hello there. The title is a bit vague, so I’ll explain here. Basically what I want is for players to be able to insert their free model that they upload to the catalog into the game (without InsertService, as those assets need to be “trusted”) I’ve seen another game do it, so I know it’s possible. My only other conclusion I came up with is that those developers got the “data” (data, as in the model information as if it were in workspace.) recreated it in-game, with adjusted modification. However, I have no clue where to start. Any ideas on how to recreate asset data with asset id? (Game I’m referring to is Typical Colors 2 by ROLVe, specifically where you can insert maps using just an asset ID in a community server.)

I believe Insert Service will still work because Roblox prevents model from loading when those assets are not “trusted”. You can use pcall function to prevent error.

Pcall to my knowledge only makes it so errors don’t print in the console, by not executing the code.

And, also, I want users to be able to upload it to their our Roblox inventory, with “Distribute on Marketplace” enabled, :LoadAsset() only loads assets. I wanna find a method that can access a model’s data, or at least another way.

i guess http service might be a good idea if you have an external server

I feel like HTTPService is a step in the right direction. However, I feel like making an external service is just a waste of time knowing that another opportunity is possible. Is there a way through Roblox API to get Model Data? Maybe as extensions like BetterRoblox show model data and even script information.

well extensions like better roblox send requests to the roblox apis like asset delivery which I don’t think theres a way for developers to use as we can’t send requests directly to roblox apis via http service so you’d have to make some sort of proxy to do it

even if you did, you cant insert rbxms directly into games at runtime

well you could just make your own rbxm parser and add it in that way

scripts and meshes are hard to do, may ruin the code if refering to meshes when they are specialmeshes (only if you can loadstring the scripts automatically)

well they just wanted maps probalby, not scripts

The only way to insert free models ingame at this point is to build your own .RBXM file reader in another language such as C++, Python, Java, Rust and host it on a listening webserver that will send the serialised data back to Roblox on request.

Essentially, you kinda have to make your own InsertService since the current one is so limiting and unusable.