Answering or creating a new topic on your phone will not respect the keyboard settings

When I answer or create a new topic I exit the keyboard but then instead of canceling it will exit does what I was doing on the back page. This is very uncomfortable!
- YouTube If you do not see I am going out taking the arrow that goes to the left

I’m very confused. What is the issue? The box staying up when you leave the topic? That’s 100% intentional and not related to keyboard settings whatsoever.

And what do you mean by this?

I don’t know stupid translator

It bothers me a bit because usually no forum does this (at least it should) maybe if you remove this uncomfortable thing it would be nice

(tags: If you don’t understand it’s the translator)

Then it isn’t a bug but a feature request. I don’t find this annoying in any way, it’s useful if I need to check something in a different topic. I’m not even sure if Discourse (the software used for the forum) allows to disable this functionality.

Ok All right. Thanks for your help…

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And why should I do it? I would not understand anything

You can at most translate the interface, but not content sadly. If there is enough demand you can request an Italian category to be created, probably

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