Answers to questions about Bloxxity



Welcome to Bloxxity, this game is a free RP game based on a large city named “Bloxxity” in the Bay of Bloxxity.

What’s the point of the game?

The point of the game is to Roleplay as a citizen of Bloxxity, you can be a criminal,
a fire fighter, bus driver etc… You can have a family*, make friends and most of basic things you do in a classic RPing game.

What are the features in game?

There are severals features in-game:

*Buy and Spawn a vehicle that you can paint, sell etc… (2 vehicles max)
*Buy a house for RP, you can close/open doors windows and garage.
*(Coming Soon) Cloth shop, buy and wear cloth/hats with in-game for better RP experience.

I’m still looking for more features to add later.

Is it possible to have admin?

Admin is reserved to persons I know well, and may be used for moderating
only purpose. Else its not possible to get admin.

Does the game save?

The game will only save the player’s money, to prevent from players wearying
of playing with having too much money. (Also there’s a 10K money limit)

How can I get money?

You will earn money automaticaly every 25 secs, but I’m actually looking for another
way to earn money, from activities for example.

Are there any RPing rules?

You are allowed to RP as you want, until you don’t disturb others players RPing,
for example, blocking a road is considered as disturbing other players.


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