Ant Colony Simulator Feedback

Hello, I’m Sindious and I have recently began a new project called “Ant Colony Simulator” I got inspiration for this project from a popular ROBLOX game called Bee Swarm Simulator. I’m trying to be as original as possible as well as having a similar concept to bee swarm simulator where there’s lots of different aspects to the game that affect your ability to make “Honey”. My game (Ant colony simulator) has 2 currencies: Leafs and Food. What you need to do is collect food from grass fields and exchange it for leafs. However I dont think it makes sense to create something where your ants convert Food to leafs because that’s just unoriginal and is what bee swarm did with Honey and Pollen.

I have two options:
Option 1: Create another currency called Tickets or Coins. This is my favourite idea however I fear that 3 main values will be confusing for the player.

Option 2: Just stick to the old fashioned simulator way of walking up to a circle and exchanging all of your Food for Leafs, which could be quite boring.

^ This is a choice which Im struggling on and I hope to get a third person perspective to this situation. I will updating this post with an update log until I get the feedback I need.

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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