Antarctic Base Showcase

Antarctic Base Showcase:
This is a build me and @teddyraptor5 made. It took us about 2 hours and we think it looks nice. Feed back would be greatly appreciated.


There is snow but it doesn’t come up in the photo :frowning:


Overall nice, low poly design. However, an interior would be highly recommended (by me, anyways).

Wonderful for an exterior showcase in a snowy storm biome with little communication. I bet if the snow shows it’ll even look better :wink:
I believe it’s nice because the little building is tall which would mean there are “things” that are potential predators or danger to low level ground, or it’s just high to make it able to stand on snow but NICE!
What can you improve? I dont see as to why you should improve it because it looks fine by me, but would like to ask how does one get up to the door of such high doors? And if those are fuel powered and can move on their own accord, then how and what is making it able to move? Just some questions that might be asked.

For show this is what we based it off