Anti-Auto Clicker

Hello. I do not usually script but I need to know how to prevent Auto Clicking. I do not know where to put the script. Should I put this script in Start Player, or GUI? I also do not know a good script that isn’t out-dated for a tutorial. I was wondering if someone could possibly help with this, maybe leave a YouTube link for a tutorial or so. I would appreciate this if you can.

Reason why I need this
Users keep glitching into VIP area by using a Auto Clicking with the gears that are given to them. These gears are needed in the game so I need a Anti-Auto Clicker.

Then fix the tool to not allow non-VIP users in? And if a non-VIP users somehow gets in through other means (e.g. an exploit) then just teleport them out.

You should fix the actual issue rather than applying a band-aid over the issue.

Like I said, I do not script. I am a modeler/builder. I’ll try to find a tutorial. The game does not need a AC’er so I patch it up with this. I can try to do what you say but the out-come with my scripting skills might not do well. I’ll search a tutorial for this if there is any available ones that arent out-dated.

Maybe just check if a player is in that region that they have the pass.

You can check if a player owns the game pass and if they touch the VIP area’s floor and if they do, you can teleport them back.

Insert a script in the vip area’s floor.

local MPS = game:GetService("MarketPlaceService")

       local Player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
       if Player then
            if MPS:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(Player.UserId, gamePassId) then
                  player.Character.HumanoidRoot.CFrame = -- Set the CFrame to the position of the part where you want the player to teleport since CFrame will convert Position to CFrame

This can easily be fixed by better security, autoclicking is not the problem.

It is hard to fix anyways, just don’t allow VIP privileges accessible without server sanity checks.

If you can’t script, you’ll unfortunately have to get someone who can help you.

The reason why gear glitching works, is that when you equip the gear, it becomes Collide-able for a milisecond or so which allows to abuse it to go through walls. I’d recommend putting a script in the floor itself of the VIP area which checks if you dont have the gamepass, you will be teleported back.

The thing you are talking about here is called “Item Clipping”. It’s a bug in which you utilize physical items and rapidly equip while walking towards a wall.

An anti-auto-clicker won’t stop this alone.

You could use @sjr04’s solution involving just a way for non-VIP users to get into places they’re not supposed to by using something like Region3, or you can just make a script that punishes the player for inhumanely equipping the tool, though @sjr04’s solution seems a lot more efficient.

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Thank you for helping me this will help a lot.