Anti-Cheat Release: Valkyrie

I’m talking about this post right there, did you read it?

it does matter because it just isnt gona have as much reach and theres no incentive for talented exploiters to bypass it is there

Pretty much the opposite. Some anticheats similar to mine were actually being sold for games (Anonymous Systems, LAT, Wheat Anti Exploit (still purchaseable)). There is an incentive to bypass these anticheats and they very very rarely succeed and it’s never a full bypass rather a bypass to a detection. Regardless of whether it’s purchaseable, there has been many talented exploiters who tried my anticheats or the other anticheats I mentioned


Hyperion is still usermode though :skull:

Just because a company is teaming with byfron, It doesn’t mean that every single exploit will disappear, you can look at other games that have a kernel anti-cheat, It has access to every single thing of a PC and starts before the PC even gets to the welcome screen, yet It still gets bypassed, so securing remotes events, and making simple insanity checks aren’t bad.

With all of this, even if executors do disappear, private personal executors will still exist in a way or another.

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Synapse teamed with Roblox to try to remove every exploiter now, You didn’t read my post, and you quoted the part and say unrelated things

You didn’t read the last part of my post either

I’m talking about the anti cheat itself, aka Hyperion, anyway lets stop talking here.

what big games used them huh? show ur receipts

“show ur receipts” …? Did I make a mistake in my reply because I was talking about other anticheats, not mine. My anticheats are for most part private, however my anticheat Watchdog is mainly used in clanning because well it’s a sword fighting anticheat. You can ask most clanning exploiters about Watchdog and they will know about it. Watchdog used to have a bad reputation because of claims that people made but now the reputation has improved