Exploit Prevention Update

Hi folks,

What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? They work together.

As made clear by what we said at RDC 2023, cheating and exploiting are not welcome on our platform, and we are using every measure within our power to combat it. This should have been evident with our last ban wave, in which we banned hundreds of thousands of players. Ban waves will continue until morale improves, but we are certainly prepared to take more drastic steps whenever necessary.

To take another step towards this goal, we are pleased and excited to share that we have entered into a close partnership with Synapse Softworks LLC. Synapse is well-known in the reverse engineering scene. Over the years, the folks at Synapse have proven time and again their deep understanding of the security problem space, and their work is regarded as some of the best, if not the best, in the field.

It might seem strange that we’re teaming up with Synapse, but we believe it will be the most fruitful option when it comes to reinforcing the platform’s security. For the longest time, we’ve been on opposite sides of the battlefield, but in time we’ve grown to respect their skills, and they’ve grown to respect our vision. Our goal has always been to make Roblox the most trusted, safe, and fair environment possible, and with Synapse in the fold, we’re one step closer to achieving this goal.

Having said all that, we do welcome reform. We are always interested in working with anyone who will help us make Roblox a safer and more fair platform. As part of this, we encourage people to share any relevant information with us through our Bug Bounty program.

As for Synapse, they will work together with Roblox in analyzing security issues and developing countermeasures. We couldn’t have hoped for a better partner, and we are looking forward to finally working together on the same side.

Thank you!


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This is probably one of the funniest things ever in the history of Roblox. Damn


I think I speak for the development community at large when I say this is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Really interested to see how this plays out.


Well this is basically an Avengers level team up.

Good luck exploiters, ur gonna need it!


This is the most insane plot twist I’ve seen in my entire life, and probably the nail in the coffin for exploiting, first symbolized by v3rmillon’s shutdown, and now this.

Seems like Roblox is finally taking initiative, seeing they’re finally cracking down hard on this after 16 years, and I applaud the hard work being done by Roblox regarding this issue, which is really weird to say considering how subpar Roblox usually is at solving such large scale issues like this.

Apparently the securelua discord is gone too, and DX9 had a announcement about having “conversation with Roblox”, so this is likely to span far from just Synapse. At this rate, they’re gonna grab up ogo1000 and 0x90 too!

Also, congrats to the Synapse team for expanding and going legit, now they can finally sleep at night without a funny cease and desist randomly appearing on their mailbox.


So basically this is what happened?

Good update to be honest, teaming up with people who know your game better than you do is only a smart solution.


Thank you for all of your work. Our player-base is really happy with these anti-exploit changes. As our studio has one of the top competitive games / ranked games on Roblox, we’ve seen a notable decrease in exploiters ruining the competitive integrity in our game.

This has been an insane and rapid improvement.


Yet again, another great feat for Roblox, this including all the other great feature additions like OAuth.

Bitdancer has been the most transparent staff member I’ve ever seen and that’s odd considering they work on client security, huge props to the client sec team :happy1:


6 months in the making! Amazing to see the work finally bear fruit.


This is completely unexpected and extremely good news! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!


Exit scamming the exploiters :sunglasses:


The collab of the century, damn.


This is wild. Roblox actually decided to give up.


Synapse collabing with Roblox? That was something I didn’t expect at all.

This is actually so funny, amazing work Roblox.


I’m cryyiing :sob: :sob: this is so funny


gg for exploiters, its been a while but its to be expected.


exploiting is over !!! bout time


It’s about time. Congrats to Roblox and the Synapse team!

Look forward to seeing a big change on the platform.


now this is one of the announcements of all time how the hell do you manage to bag the absolute noise that is synapse