Anti-Cheat System

I want to make an Anti-Cheat so that players can not teleport. I want to make this in a way that exploiters can not use my RemoteEvents and change arguments to avoid getting kicked, but I am unsure of how to make it server sided like this. I want to avoid the Anti-Cheat kicking laggy players but again, I don’t know how to do this. I am not looking for a script at all, I would just appreciate any help towards the thought process of this.


Your best bet is to make a system to track the player’s current position then store it and compare it within a window of time If they move too quickly either revert the movement or kick them. This will affect laggy players depending on the time you set.


so why you want to make this? and what kind of game are you working on to need this?
I mean most cheaters will not be able to teleport if there is no easy logical reasons
example :
why players can teleport in bed wars? because there is an anti cheat that teleport players (That can be used by cheaters to teleport when they need)

or in MM2 they can teleport because there is an admin commands for admin, somehow the cheat code brake the security. and so they can use it

you don’t need to make one, if you know how to make them extinct in the first place

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Anti teleport is explained in detail here with the same idea .Position method as @jsnotlout1 mentioned. Perhaps you would like a more visual method with examples with @5uphi has done a great job explaining.

Add a margin and avoid harsh punishments such as banning them, rather teleport them back to where they were before and anchor them for a few seconds.

That is what FJ anti cheat has done with ideas such as a heat meter.