Anti-DevConsole script

Hi there.
I’m bodoEnd90 and I’ve made a script that disables the Developer Console entirely!

Explanation on what it does:


First, the server script picks one of the many names to obfuscate the local script (MainPipeline) such as: “LightingCorrection”, “InventoryGui” and “CameraShaker”.

Then it inserts the local script to the StarterGui (you can change it btw.), activates the local script and deletes itself (server script).


It uses the StarterGui to set the Developer Console to false. While Overwork uses the while true do method, I used the RunService method which is much better since the console doesn't show for a split second at all.

Why use this?

So people wouldn't be sneaky and steal your assets or use the console as some sort of an explorer.

It’s also great for custom developer consoles too! Just use UIS and Voilà!

script here


What are you on? You can’t do anything with the developer console in games you don’t own. It just shows the output.


You can only view the client logs in games you don’t own, also the main purpose of it is for debugging, That isn’t Dex


I remember a “Memory” category that would show unsorted cached assets by asset ID. While it’s a messy list, you can still retrieve assets and load them on Studio, anyone can access it.


well, there are people that don’t know about dex or any explorer guis in general so they will use the console to see what’s inside (myself included but i knew dex i was just lazy).


memory category?
i guess the script is useful.


You mean this…-? I don’t think anyone will do anything with information on Value MB’s…


Yes, I think the sub-category is HttpCache which lets you access asset IDs according to the creator hub, here is an old screenshot I was able to retrieve (early 2022):


That is early 2022, it is now late 2023, almost 2024.

If that was an issue I’m almost certain it was patched, and I’m sure it also only contains a list of imported assets. Additionally, I don’t see anything on HttpCache in the console… soo yeah.


I apologize for the outdated source, I just checked again to see and it’s not through HttpCache but rather through different sub-categories like GraphicTextures. Yes, you can still get assets through there.

I’m sorry for the misinformation.


Anything the client sees can be stolen.
Why is this new information anyway?

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A client cannot see the contents of ServerStorage, hence the name SERVER storage, there is no point in this.

Excuse me?
You can’t steal assets from the developer console, You can only see the client of the game if you are a regular player.

i think you can, you just need to use memory (httpcache).
not sure.